Sue Paterno Speaks, Students React

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY---Sue Paterno's interview on national television Monday had some Penn State students sitting up and taking notice.

At Penn State's Worthington Scranton campus, Newswatch 16 found students who thought the interview was brave.

"I think it's you know gutsy for her to get up and speak about it, you know. I bet it's tough for her to speak about all that, what she was put through, what her husband was put through," said Brandon Gallucci, a Penn State freshman.

"I admire her for doing that and following through and really trying to get all the information she could, especially what she did by contacting her lawyer and having them thoroughly investigate everything that went on with Joe and his actions and Jerry Sandusky and everything that was going on," agreed sophomore P.J. Mills from Lakeland.

Others said they are not sure why Sue Paterno needed to speak out at all, defending her late husband, Joe Paterno, and his role in a scandal that rocked the country, even the world, after Jerry Sandusky was accused and later convicted of sexually assaulting young boys.

The Freeh report, an investigation into Penn State's handling of the matter, faulted Joe Paterno among others for not doing enough.

"I don't think it's necessary for her to be doing this, I mean I guess the report is enough. I would like to see this swept under the rug, I mean with Jerry Sandusky going to jail, it just needs to be over already in my opinion," said Jeffrey Kline, a freshman.

Some students admitted they will never know the whole truth, but they said they will always stand behind the Paterno family.

"Joe did say he wish he did more so I guess he could have done more, I mean he was Penn State. That's the bottom line," said freshman Sal Martarano.