Police Investigate Bus Stop Attack Caught On Camera

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LUZERNE BOROUGH – Authorities in Luzerne County said they are looking into cellphone video of an alleged fight near a school bus stop that left a 13-year-old boy in an intensive care unit late last month.

According to Luzerne Borough Police Chief Patricia O’Donnell, a Wyoming Valley West high school student is accused of starting an argument with a middle school student on the bus, then sparking a physical fight when they were dropped off at a bus stop near Charles Street Park.

O’Donnell told Newswatch 16 that the high school student does not live in Luzerne Borough and was not supposed to be riding the bus, when the incident happened in late January.

"We're still looking into that because it is a middle school student, and a high school student. That's all still under investigation,” said O’Donnell. “The boy is recovering well. We do have a person of interest."

A video of the fight was recorded on a cell phone camera and posted on Facebook, but was later removed.

The 13-year-old boy, who is not being identified, told Newswatch 16 that he has returned to class but he is still recovering from bruised ribs and an injured spleen from the fight.

"The kid pushed me, and so I was taking off my stuff and he came around and threw me to the ground and started (hitting) me. I don’t want to see anybody else get hurt really, because usually if that happens, I'll stand up for them.”

The boy’s mother told Newswatch 16 that she’s worried about her son’s physical and emotional injuries, as well as the mounting medical bills.

“My son was badly hurt. They said that with his spleen, he'll be more prone to infections and everything to fight them off. It’s going to cost me a fortune to pay for everything. Even though I have insurance, they're going to have to reimburse the insurance company."

The woman said her son was admitted into the intensive care unit at Geisinger near Danville for two days and the bills have already surpassed $25,000.

O’Donnell said investigators are working with the Luzerne County District Attorney’s office to decide if charges will be filed against the high school student.

Wyoming Valley West School District’s superintendent has not yet returned calls or emails for comment on the incident.