Businesses Weigh Rising Costs of Valentine’s Day

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Red roses, candy flowers and lots of love. Valentine's day is just around the corner and businesses are getting ready.

Here at the Petal Pusher's in Mayfield. They say the holiday isn't all roses, and their overhead cost is going up.

"The cost of living has increased, gas prices, food prices, but everybody has to eat, everybody loves somebody, you can`t put a price on love," said Petal Pushers Owner Gary Brzuchalski.

Gary Brzuchalski has worked in the floral business for about three decades. He says a weekday Valentine's holiday is just what the businesses need to combat rising gas prices, rising flower prices, and late orders from significant others. But he says he's keeping his price to customers the same as last year. No matter what.

"There's a guesstimate going on at times, you know we just have to take our numbers from last year, factor in the weekday, and then hope for the best," said Brzuchalski.

At Ros-Al Floral in Forest City, they`re not raising the price of these roses either, hoping to encourage those shopping this Valentine`s Day to shop local.

"We`re going to leave them the same, we`ll just take a smaller profit and make sure our customers are happy and content with the product that they get from us," said Christopher Glinton of Ros-Al Floral.

Whether you want roses, carnations, or just a box of chocolates, the people at Ros-Al Floral says they'll accommodate their customers.

"We`re more concerned about hoping that people will come in because of the way the economy is. Hope they`re going to stop in or at least call on the phone and order flowers," said Glinton.

Hopeful they'll still want to spread some love even when times are tight.