Hitting the Slopes and Spreading Awareness

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- The powder was fresh at Camelback Ski Resort in Monroe County.  Hundreds of people jammed the slopes, taking advantage of near-perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions, which was good for business

"I think overall we'll have a pretty busy weekend," said Brian Bossuyt. "People are excited about the snow, it's been a few years since we got this amount of snow.  It's great and people are having a good time."

Those who work here at Camelback say nothing can beat natural snow, and it always helps drive customers to the mountain! But in order to get to the ski resort, many here had to travel for several hours, and at times, road conditions were less than ideal.

"We came up last night," said Mike Nickel of Philadelphia. "The latter part of the drive we kind of got caught up in it, but we got here right on time before it got too bad."

And here at Camelback, what skiers and snowboarders say they like the most about this recent snowfall is the type of snow: light and fluffy, which they say is best on the slopes.

"We are really excited," said Zach Leon of Philadelphia. "We got a great storm last night, we are staying at my buddies place, and can't wait to get down the mountain!."

In addition to snow tubing, skiing and snowboarding, Camelback was also sponsoring a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, blending outdoor winter fun while raising money for a worthwhile cause.  Jessica Bailey volunteered for the fundraiser, and for her, it's a cause that hits close to home.

"I have an aunt that has breast cancer, so I think it's always good to give back to the community and put awareness out," Bailey said. "Make sure that people know that they need to get their boobies checked!."

Winter fun and raising money for charity. That's not a bad way to make the most out of this latest winter storm.