Students and Alumni Recall Memories of School

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WILLIAMSPORT -- After 100 years, Sheridan Elementary School in Williamsport will close at the end of this school year. Today, students and alumni celebrated the school's history by putting together a video of their fondest memories of the school.

If these walls could talk, they would share a century of memories. Sheridan Elementary School in Williamsport has been around for 100 years, but it will close in June at the end of this school year.

"It's really been a family experience. We're so close here and it's been wonderful. I am fortunate for the opportunity I've had," Beth Lyons said.

Beth Lyons attended Sheridan Elementary in the 1980s. Now, she teaches fifth grade here. She and some of her students spent the day interviewing alumni, and making a video filled with memories of the school.

"We're just asking the people who went here what it was like here when they went here," Katie Schefsky said.

The alumni interviewed include Mark Roller, who went to Sheridan Elementary School during the World War II era.

"When I walked in here for the first time a few days ago, I hadn't been in here for probably 30, 40 years. A lot of changes? Yeah, a lot of changes," Roller said.

The interviews with alumni will be put on the school's Facebook page, and made into an end of the year celebration video.

"We wanted to use it for our celebration to compare how things changed and how things stayed the same," Lyons said.

"I think that's really cool but I'm going to miss the school a lot," Hannah Haussmann said.

If you would like to come say goodbye to Sheridan Elementary School, the district is holding an anniversary celebration on May 18.