School Closings And Delays

Snow Days Running Slim at Shamokin Schools

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NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY -- Kids rushing to catch buses, or a ride home with mom and dad - It's the 10th day of cancellations, delays or early dismissals here at Shamokin Area School District this year.

Superintendent James Zack says the district calendar has been changed, re-arranged and shuffled around several times, but he's still not worried about getting in 180 days.

"We started a little early, we took off some holidays so we`re in good shape now as long as it doesn`t snow anymore," said Shamokin Area School District Superintendent James Zack.

But it's not just Mother Nature and big snow storms putting kinks in the Shamokin Area School District's schedule. Back in August, construction at the elementary school delayed the start of school by two days.

Viriginia Kauffman is a stay at home mom and says these schedule changes don't bother her, but some parents have a tough time.

"Having to leave work early or make arrangements to have someone pick their children up, yea," said Kauffman.

Many parents lined up around noon to pick up their kids before inches and inches of forecasted snow arrived. Even some high school students stopped to pick up younger siblings.

"It`s hard because I have to watch my little brother till they get home, and we don`t always get along," said high school senior Samantha Schiccatano.

District Officials say shortened days cut down on the instruction time, and if mother nature doesn't stop, there's hardly any room for make up days this school year.

"The only thing left is to add onto the end of the calendar," said Zack.

That's something parents and students agree - they don't want to see.

"We never like the school year to be extended, I like having our kids home with us over the summer months," said mother Marla Kane.

But that's all in mother's nature's hands from here on out.