Snow Cancels Events; Others Go On

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One by one musicians with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic filed into the Scranton Cultural Center. They will perform on an open stage. Each music stand lined up, ready to go at 8 o'clock.

Organizers say, the show will go on despite the winter storm warning.

"As of right now, we're going on, yes we're ready willing and able!" says Pat Arvonio of the NEPA Philharmonic.

Arvonio says the show would only be canceled if the governor declares a state of emergency.

But Arvonio also says the Philharmonic is giving folks the option to exchange their tickets for other shows in case they don't want to make the trip in the snow.

Another show, the super-fast paced indoor racing  Arenacross is also a go at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre. That show kicks off at 7:30.

Folks were making preparations on the dirt track all week for the big night.

Organizers say they're not canceling, no way, no how.

But other groups like Scranton Tomorrow didn't want to take any chances, their event at the Electric City Trolley Museum, Winter in the City, was postponed until February 22.

The event which traditionally brings out hundreds of people to the Trolley Museum, was just too big of a production for organizers to take a chance.

Annette Palutis says they had restaurants catering the event, a band, an open bar, and lots of other things planned. They just didn't want to lose out on everything because of the latest snow storm.

"Why have 40 restaurants and why have all of that, when you don't have the people and since the time was going to be right when the storm would be early evening, that's when our people come, so we had to make that decision," says Annette Palutis of Scranton Tomorrow.