Opening Day for Crystal Cabin Fever, Snow or Not

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HAMLIN -- The winter weather is actually perfect for an ice palace in Wayne County.

It's called Crystal Cabin Fever and it opened Friday and even with winter storm warnings in effect for much of the northeast, it didn't stop some families from coming out and enjoying some fun.

This year's ice display outside Hamlin has a lot of new features for families to enjoy.

"This year’s theme is dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. We have 100 tons of ice of dinosaurs. We have our 50 foot ice slide. What's new this year is we have a smaller ice slide for the small children. We have Antler Ridge Winery which will be here every day but Wednesday and Thursday for free complementary wine tastings," said manager Kristen Johnson.

It took about two and a half weeks to build the sculptures and slides. The kids who come here say they love it.

"I like the slide. Its fun to ride on," said Sabrina Portnoy from New Jersey.

“Is it fast?"


Last year at Crystal Cabin Fever, they had about 12,000 people come to the event. This year they're anticipating more and while some of them are locals, most of the people who come here they say are from out-of-town, New York or New Jersey.

"Specifically, my kids and my wife and me are going down the slide. It's actually pretty original. We really like it. So I'm actually enjoying myself. I wasn't planning on it," said New Jersey resident Mark Portnoy.

Even employees who work here say it's an interesting and fun job.

"Its cool, I find it very interesting, the art, what they can do with the piece of ice is amazing. It's an art. It really is," said employee Frank Fahsbender.

The amazing ice sculptures and fun slides will be around everyday till February 24. For more information on the event, click here.