Classic Cars To Be Auctioned By State

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EAST HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Calling all motor heads, and lovers of classic cars. A few dozen gems owned by the state are going up for auction early next week in the Harrisburg area.

Several times every year, the state has used vehicles auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Monday’s auction is special, from the 1918 Buick to the muscle cars of the 60’s which are expected to draw a big crowd come Monday.

A Chevy Camaro revved to life inside Manheim Central Penn, an auto auction near Harrisburg. The ’69 Camaro and about three dozen other classics will likely have new owners next week.

Already, potential buyers were looking over the oldies but goodies.

“I think it’s rare in the area, especially with the state doing it,” said Bill Bale of Palmyra. “A lot of interest, a lot of interest for these cars.”

Yes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania owns the cars, bike, even a boat.

They are part of a deal that was struck when PennDOT wanted to widen a roadway, and purchased a dealership with all the autos.

“Excited, very excited, you don’t get this, good cars, well maintained, some fix me uppers, mechanics’ dream cars,” said Sal Cuomo of Manheim Central Penn.

The auction outfit expects a big turnout Monday, nearly one thousand people, many drawn to the auction for the chance to drive off with the classic they’ve always wanted.

George Kennedy is a Camaro guy.

“I’m missing the first generation, so that’s what we have here, the two 69’s and interested in those two,” said Kennedy. “Looking at the conditions of them, seeing what they look like, and seeing what kind of price range I want to go for.”

The auction starts at 10 o’clock Monday morning at the auto auction near Harrisburg.

There are more than 500 other cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the auction block and anyone can go see them over the weekend.

Auctioneers suggest, though, that if you plan on bidding that you pre-register for the event and you have to pay with cash or a bank check.