Rural Homes Targeted in Burglary Spree

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PINE CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Police in Clinton County are trying to put a stop to a rash of daytime burglaries.

Most of the crimes happened on back roads where homes are more secluded, and police now want neighbors to watch out for one another.

Within the past two weeks, police in the Avis area said burglars have targeted roughly a half-dozen homes.

One home was on Sulphur Run Road in Pine Creek Township, near Josh Hibbler's home. Hibbler said he's always keeping an eye on the neighborhood, and takes precautions at his home.

"We lock our doors and stuff. We have dogs. They always let us know when somebody's coming," said Hibbler.

That's just it, police said the break-ins are happening during the day when most homeowners are away.

In some cases, cash, jewelry, and guns have been swiped.

Neighbors of some victims said it's enough to make them take measures to prevent would-be burglars.

"We're going to look into buying a security camera, that way it links to your smartphone, and you can watch it anywhere you're at," said Tim Kinley of Pine Creek Township.

Officers urge neighbors to be vigilant and to lock doors when they're not home, or risk being a victim.

"I'd like to have my property back. Nine times out of 10 you don't get it back. So what do you do? Just move on," said Kelly Eyer of Pine Creek Township.

Pine Creek Township police said they're tracking down leads, trying to put an end to a rash of break-ins in the Avis area.