Students and Faculty Remember Professor

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BLOOMSBURG -- Students and faculty are mourning the death of a well known professor at Bloomsburg University. She was teaching Monday evening when she collapsed and died in class.

These students smiled as they remembered the woman who they said was one of their favorite professors at Bloomsburg University. Doctor Gloria Cohen-Dion was teaching one of her classes Monday night when she collapsed and died.

"It was a shock. I had just seen her and just talked to her," said Taylor Crisman.

These political science students considered Dr. Cohen-Dion a friend, and looked forward to her classes. Taylor Crisman had her as a professor six times.

"She was the first professor I had when I decided to come back to school. I was scared to death, but she inspired me and pushed me and I am going to graduate because of her," said Crisman.

"She took a huge interest in my future goals and had me come into her classroom and inspired me to pursue my goals and dreams," said Emma Worrall.

Dr. Cohen-Dion was a professor here at Bloomsburg University for the past 20 years, and she was head of the Political Science Department for 12.

"Education was the center of everything she did, and her main concern was the students," said Dr. Neil Strine.

Dr. Neil Strine is the chair of the Political Science Department, and said Dr. Cohen-Dion was a mentor to him.

"She may have been small in stature, but she had a huge presence about her and as a person she would do anything for anybody," said Dr. Strine.

"She was very much a strong woman. She loved what she did and loved to be a teacher," said Worrall.

Dr. Cohen-Dion was 77.