UPDATE: Dog Was Dragged Behind Vehicle

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WAYNE COUNTY -- All bandaged up, and a bit shaken, a young pup has been through a lot this week, after being dragged along a road tied to the back of its owner's pick-up truck in Wayne County.

"It’s very bizarre, the whole situation is very bizarre," said Animal Humane Officer Marlene Metzger.

Humane Officers say it was the dog's owner, Peter Ivosevic , 71, of Honesdale who brought the injured puppy to the shelter. He claims it was all an accident.

"When we were coming up the road there was a cable with a collar dragging from his vehicle, so we had seen that before we even came into this shelter," said Metzger.

Humane Officer Marlene Metzger says it's a miracle this puppy survived after the entire ordeal and its owner got the puppy care for his severe injuries just in time.

"Oh, severe road rash, his ear was almost completely removed from his head, he has a very severe laceration on his head, you could actually see his skull," said Metzger.

Despite the rough condition that puppy was in when he arrived at the Dessin Animal Shelter, vets expect him to make a full recovery in about a month.

"The puppy has already had a surgery and we’re not sure, it’s probably going to take a while for the puppy to get back to the way it should be and I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of vet care involved," said Dessin Animal Shelter Operations Manager Debbie Moore.

Vets who treated this pup say these wounds will all heal, and he will be able to hear. He'll just be missing one ear.

As for the dog's owner, he'll face animal cruelty charges for what happened.

"If he wasn’t treated quickly I believe he certainly could have bled out or died," said Metzger.

This pup is not up for adoption at this time, but the Dessin Animal Shelter is accepting donations on the dog's behalf, to help pay for its surgery and care.