Arrest In 2010 Wayne County Shooting Death

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CHERRY RIDGE TOWNSHIP -- In October of 2010, state police were called to a home in Wayne County to investigate the death of a woman. More than two years later, they now believe she was killed by her husband.

The case in Wayne County has remained a mystery ever since the coroner ruled the woman's death a homicide in October of 2010.

People are asking why it took so long to charge her husband in connection with her death.

Wednesday afternoon, the district attorney of Wayne County announced Robert Jufer, robert jufer71, was arrested in New York for the 2010 murder of his wife June Jufer near Honesdale.

He is now locked up in a New York jail until he is sent back to Wayne County to face a judge here.

It's been almost two and half years since investigators said June Jufer was shot to death inside her home in Cherry Ridge Township, outside Honesdale, as she was in bed.

State police said the morning of October 17, 2010 they got a call from Robert Jufer. He told police he came home for the store, was attacked in his house, went unconscious and when he came to, he went straight to his neighbor’s home to call for help.

When police arrived at Jufer's home, they found June Jufer, 68, in her bed with a shotgun wound to the head

The shotgun was found on the floor near her.

Police interviewed Robert Jufer who they say gave conflicting reports of the attack.

Police also noticed Jufer didn't have any injuries to his body that matched his alleged attack

Jufer also told police that he used what they believe is the murder weapon earlier on the morning his wife was shot to look for a muskrat near his home. He said then placed the shotgun on the kitchen table before going to the store

Police said Jufer admitted that he didn't look for his wife or arm himself with a weapon before fleeing the home after the alleged attack

When police searched the home, they found 108 rifles, shotguns and handguns.

Police believe the weapon found in June Jufer's bedroom was her husband's and was used to kill her

The district attorney said “This was a despicable crime committed against a helpless wife by a man who behaved as a survivalist…

“The evidence collected in the Jufer home demonstrates a staged crime scene for a murder committed by Robert Jufer.”

Robert Jufer was arrested in Westchester County, New York

Prosecutors have not said why it took more than two years to make an arrest.

Jufer has a hearing Thursday to decide if he should be brought back to Wayne County to face charges.