Scranton Prep Student Apologizes for Threats

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Scranton Prep senior Torre Scrimalli, 18, turned himself into police in Lackawanna County today after allegedly posting on Twitter that he would blow up Mid Valley and Holy Cross High Schools if a fight were to break out at last night's basketball game.

"I just want to say I’m very sorry. I had no intentions on scaring anyone or bringing violence into this. It was supposed to be a harmless tweet. I realized what it was after I posted it and I tried to get it off as soon as I could but I guess it was just too late," said Scrimalli.

Scrimalli's Twitter post caused quite a commotion. The gym at Mid Valley High was evacuated, and the game postponed. Before classes this morning police swept Mid-Valley and Holy Cross High Schools as a precaution as well.

"Two municipalities, two school districts have been impacted by that decision so that’s why we’re going forward with these charges," said Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Gene Riccardo.

Scrimalli is facing two felony counts of terroristic threats that carry up to 14 years of jail time.

The Scranton Prep Student says he learned a valuable lesson.

"I learned a good lesson, like, nothing on the internet’s safe, it’s there for good," said Scrimalli.

Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Gene Riccardo says he hopes other teenagers learn from this and pay careful attention to what they post online.

"If you make any threats on Twitter, you make any threats on Facebook, there’s ramifications to that and we will take those threats very very seriously," said Riccardo.

Scrimalli was released tonight on $20,000 unsecured bail. As for the Mid Valley and Holy Cross basketball teams, they’re scheduled to take the court tonight in Throop to resume their game now that the commotion has settled down.