Abington Heights Basketball

The Super 16 countdown came out on Monday and the Abington Heights Comets sit at #3 in the latest poll. The Comets have a big game tonight live on WNEP2 with Scranton Prep.

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    Abington Heights vs Scranton

  • promo285389854

    Abington Heights vs Scranton softball

  • promo280208478

    Abington Heights vs North Pocono

  • promo281504513

    Abington Heights Boys Fall to Lancaster McCaskey

  • promo286166379

    Abington Heights vs West Scranton baseball

  • promo280036363

    Abington Heights vs Scranton

  • promo278812795

    Scranton Prep hoops

  • promo285561753

    Scranton Prep vs Abington Heights tennis

  • promo278741161

    #3 Scranton Prep Beats #2 Abington Heights, 73-61

  • promo281491783

    Abington Heights Girls Fall to BECA 38-30

  • promo280208335

    Abington Hts vs Hazleton Area

  • promo278897649

    LaCoe and Spangenberg

  • promo283040015

    Tim Toro Abington Heights


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