Slow Down After Super Bowl

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ASHLAND---This past weekend, the wings were flying, subs and pizzas, too, not to mention the drinks at the bar.

It was a Super Bowl slam at businesses all over as folks packed in to watch the big game or take out food for parties at home.

Kelly Gallagher owns Gal's Sports Bar in Ashland.

"Our kitchen is killed with wings, we must have put out 150 dozen yesterday, that was take out only, plus the bar was packed, great day for business," said Gallagher.

It was crazy at Fabrizio's in Ashland, too.

"Very, very busy. My drivers couldn't keep up with all the deliveries we had, it was fantastic, it was actually like a big party here, it was actually a lot of fun," said owner Fabrizio Manganiello.

One day later, no hustle and bustle at Fabrizio's, giving him time to spend with his kids.

It was slow at M & M Sandwich Shop down the street, too.

"Pretty much slow, just like cleaning around, just doing just the basic stuff, not really making any food," said Kelsea Shappell, at the shop.

Business owners with said of course they want lots of customers, but after such a busy weekend, a slow day is not so bad.

"You need to recover you need to restock, you need to reorder, you need to recover," said Gallagher.