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Pet Slideshow: February 2013

Posted on: 2:26 pm, February 4, 2013, by , updated on: 01:28pm, March 14, 2013

Check out these great pet pics!

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  • SNOW!

  • Callie

  • our dog cesar

  • Our cat Dexter

  • Our retired racing greyhound Chloe

  • I Didn\'t Do It, It Was the CAT!!!

  • Christmas Scottie with coat from ANGUS & OLIVER

  • 1 day old

  • The gangs all here.


  • Princess

  • PUPPY LOVE..: )

  • Gracie

  • getting ready to go play in the snow with his sister libby

  • getting ready to go play in the snow

  • Snow Bella

  • Meeka

  • Tubs loves his ball & snow!!!

  • Cyclone

  • Lucy and Honey

  • How could you not love me?

  • New yEAR 2013

  • Happy 4th Birthday Daisy !

  • Waiting for snow

  • crosby


  • Buffy in the snow

  • Casey and Illiana waiting o go!

  • Bentley and the next door love Roxanne

  • Where's my skates?

  • Our Great Dane, Bosco loves the snow!!!

  • Gray Maine Coon cat

  • Pug on a blue/white pillow

  • A very quick 3 inches of snow from 5pm to 7pm in State College, PA makes Mac a happy Springer. :-D

  • Bailey's favorite pastime: Scoping out the front window. He spends much of his day just sitting and watching ... watching ... watching.

  • Ozzy wearing a Wilkes Hoodie :)

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • 3 year old most spoiled hen on the planet. My daughter absolutely adores this little chicken. She is SO tame and easy to handle because she's a banty. She loves to talk on the phone.

  • Petal lives about a mile up the road from us.

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • This is Dixie our Maltipoo playing in the snow! :)

  • Jack the Cat anxiously awaiting a treat

  • Newton (right) adopted from AWSOM in Stroudsburg. Lily (left), Newton was her birthday present as she has been lonely since her two big brothers went over the Rainbow Bridge

  • Rogue the dog playing in the snow (Brina in the background)

  • Daisy (right), Muffin II (left)

  • Courtesy of


  • No Sisters, Lady and Biscuit

  • Sidney and Ramey. English Springer Spaniels. They are best friends of John & Janis Smurkoski, Meshoppen, PA

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • Zeus, a 13 yr old chi, has been a great foster dog since getting him at 2 yrs old, in my life ! Life is taking it's toll on him, he is my sparkle in my eye, every am upon waking. He prays w/me when we need God's help <3

  • Courtesy of

  • Our Black Labrador puppy, Ruby, didn't doesn't get cold feet when it comes the the white stuff.

  • Courtesy of

  • Picture of one of my babys Zoey

  • Macy wants a bite of cereal.

  • Scooter is originally from Jessup Pa. and now lives on Guriri Island in Brazil. This whale bone is on our street and Scooter would love to have some help dragging it home!

  • Courtesy of

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