Father Fatally Stabs Son During Fight

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SAYLORSBURG -- A father from the Poconos is locked up after police say he stabbed his son during a fight.

The man's son is now dead and the coroner has ruled it a homicide.

The death on Saturday night has rattled the neighborhood.

Police say Thomas Howard stabbed his son, Thomas Howard Junior, during a fight that happened at the Saylor's Lake private community in Saylorsburg.

The man's son died hours later at the hospital. The coroner says from a single stab wound to the abdomen.

"They were good people," said Roger Tita.

Tita is a neighbor and has been friends with the Howard family for years.

Tita says when the son was younger, he would always lend a hand.

"I known him since he was twelve, Junior, since I've been here since 1992. He was a good kid," said Tita.

The coroner has ruled the death homicide, but Howard Senior has been charged only with aggravated assault as state police continue their investigation.thomas howard

Tita says the father was a Marine for 25 years but was always very quiet.

"I never seen any aggression out of Tom, Senior, ever. Never. Our kids hung out and they'd beat each other up, you know how kids do that stuff, but Tom, I never seen him physical with his children, never, ever," said Tita.

But according to court documents, Howard Senior called police Saturday night, yelling that he stabbed his son.

When police arrived on scene, the father was taken into custody without a fight.

According to court documents, troopers say they found Thomas Howard Junior on the front porch of a neighboring home.

Troopers say when they found him, Howard Junior was sitting in the fetal position, bleeding, and they believe he was stabbed with a bladed object.

"This is all a shock to us all, a lot of us are still wondering. Why?", said Tita.

Troopers say when they arrested Thomas Howard Senior, he didn't appear to be upset.

Howard is locked up in the Monroe County jail and charged with aggravated assault not homicide.

State police are still investigating.