Driver Pleads Guilty to Murder Afer Fatal Wreck

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- The driver who caused a deadly wreck last summer admits she was drunk when she collided with another car in Taylor last summer.

Lackawanna County prosecutors believe this is the first time in county history that someone has pleaded guilty to murder charges connected to a deadly crash.

A guilty plea now makes it official, the crash from back in July that won't soon be wiped from the memories of first responders and neighbors in Taylor, is a murder scene.

Kim Smith was killed instantly in the crash, her friend Lydia Riley died later at the hospital.

The woman who caused the crash, 45-year-old Sherry Hubert, has admitted to the twisted set of circumstances that lead to the crash and plead guilty to Smith and Riley's murder.

"She wanted to take responsibility all along, it was just reaching an appropriate plea that would both punish her and allow her to have some time at the end of the sentence to have a life," said Hubert's attorney Jason Shrive.

Shrive said prosecutors have agreed on a sentence of 15 to 40 years in prison for Hubert. She's the first person in Lackawanna County history to be charged with murder following a fatal crash.

Prosecutors said though, the circumstances dictated the murder charge. Hubert admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana all day before the wreck, getting behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level three times over the legal limit, and driving 95 miles an hour when she collided with Kim Smith's car on Oak Street.

Prosecutors dropped close to 20 DUI related charges as part of the plea deal. But, they say the sentence Hubert will likely face is still unprecedented.

"Every crash has the same impact on us, because someone has lost their life. To say one is worse than the others, ask any victim when it happens to them and they'll say it's the worst crash there is," said Assistant District Attorney Robert Klein.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed upon a sentence for Sherry Hubert, 15-40 years in prison. But, that can still be amended by a judge.

Hubert will be officially sentenced in the next few months.