Cooking for a Cause

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THROOP -- Instead of flames and smoke, firefighters from Rescue 27 in Lackawanna County faced clouds of steam and vats of bubbling oil on Super Sunday.

It turns out when it comes to cooking wings, a little heat is a good thing.

After nearly a year of preparation it was time for Wing Fest VII, and the department was cooking to win.

"We do have a chef who is a chicken expert so we bring everyone in to make it the best and have fun," said Mike Potter, the president of the department.

First members prepare 1,300 pounds of fresh wings to serve about 500 customers, then it's out of the fryer and into the sauce, secret sauce to be exact.

"There are special secret ingredients that we don't let anyone know so it's never imitated," said Potter.

While there are hot or mild,  the department's trademark is a fire engine red tangy hot garlic sauce.

While everyone has a good time, the event is Rescue 27's biggest fundraiser of the year bringing in thousands of dollars to pay for equipment and training.

"The money pays for equipment upgrades, continuous maintenance on the vehicle, on the building, so there are never enough funds," said Cheif Andy Hegedus.

While the firehouse raises money for a cause close to home, over at the Moosic Alliance Church they are hoping wings will help them fly around the world.

The youth ministry is planning a mission trip to Burkina Fasso, a country in West Africa, where sometimes a feast is getting enough food to survive.

Pastor Doug Jensen said the group was motivated after learning about conditions there at at retreat.

He said one in three Burkina kinds dies of malnutrition before the age of 10.

Members hope to raise $1,000. However $50 is enough to buy a bag of grain that can feed six to eight people for a month. While the trip is more than a year away, members hope Super Sunday provides the kickoff they need.

"The mayor called and said I'm coming up I want three dozen wings, so that is exciting," said Jensen.