Plunge to Battle Leukemia

HARVEYS LAKE -- About 50 people took the polar bear plunge into Harveys Lake on Saturday.

The plunge is an annual tradition that gives back to worthy causes, and this year’s event helped a little girl battling leukemia.

"I couldn't feel my legs, I was trying to stumble up this hill here-- I couldn't feel anything," said Robert Derby, of Courtdale.

Several dozen’s of people showed up for 2013’s Polar Bear Plunge in Harvey's lake.

The money raised helped Anthony Glover and Julissa Perez's 2 year old daughter Jasleen, who had been battling leukemia.

The whole event was put together by Glover's co-worker, Patrick Doyne.

"We were looking for a local charity, and we heard about him, and I said he works under the same roof we do. I've seen him before, met him, he's a nice guy, I wanted to help out the family," said Doyne.

That surprised little Jasleen's parents and helped give them hope.

"When he let me know what the situation was going to be --my eyes opened wide -- people really are going to jump in the cold water,” said Glover.

"She's very excited, she understands what's going on, I appreciate everyone coming out doing what they do, and even the people who didn't jump in, I appreciate everybody," said Perez.

The plunge raised more than $1,000 to help with Jasleen's medical expenses.


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