Sudden Squalls Cause Travel Trouble

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Late afternoon snow squalls caused travel troubles around Northeastern Pennsylvania Friday.

One squall along Interstate 81 south in Luzerne County caught many drivers by surprise.

The travel was tricky and slowdowns were sudden.

"You drive out of one and into another you know, blue sky and then snow again," said Alex Peacock of New Hampshire who was traveling through.

"It was really strange, we were talking the whole time about how we had never seen anything like that," agreed his co-worker Nicholas Canzellarini of Connecticut.

For miles, the snow swirled, making the roadway hard to see, in addition to slippery.

Then suddenly, there was the sun and before long, another squall.

"It was clear, it was nice, the sun was out and then all of a sudden it was all white, it was just really hard to see anything. We slowed right down about 15, 20 miles and hour, bumper to bumper," said Joe Sgroi of Florida.

Lou Ritter of Berks County said he was in a squall on the Interstate for about 20 miles before things cleared up.

"The road was sort of snow-covered, especially on the sides, there were tracks for tires and you went that slow because that's how fast the traffic in front of you was going," said Ritter.

The squalls are blamed for causing dozens of accidents.

Several crashes closed Interstate 80 Eastbound in Monroe County.