Charges Can No Longer be Filed Using Breathalyzers

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State police statewide have been ordered to stop using breathalyzers to file charges. That’s according to Trooper Tom Kelly of the Wyoming barracks.

He said it comes after a Dauphin County Judge threw out more than a dozen cases, questioning the accuracy of the tests.

Trooper Kelly said troopers at the Wyoming barracks have not used intoxilyzer breathalyzers, like the one inside the training center, for several years, but portable field breathalyzers are being used to determine if a driver needs to be taken for blood tests.

“It’s more accurate, and it’s just easier to testify to the validity of the B.A.C. in the blood, than in a breath test. The breath test is accurate, it is just that you have to testify to four or five more things than you do with blood,” said Trooper Kelly.

Trooper Kelly wanted to remind people there will be extra patrols out for Super Bowl weekend.

State police will still use field breathalyzers, and take drivers in for a blood test if they’re suspected of driving under the influence.