Business Capitalizes on Cold, Gas Industry

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HEPBURN TOWNSHIP -- Don't look now, but that frigid winter weather is back.

Anyone working outdoors, perhaps in the natural gas industry, better bundle up.

An upstart business in Lycoming County is cashing in on that harsh weather and the need to stay warm.

When the winds are whipping, and the snow's flying it can get mighty cold out on natural gas drill rigs.

Plus, workers need to wear specialized uniforms that can withstand fire.

That's where Magna-Solutions comes in. Started a couple of years ago, the business located north of Williamsport, outfits those workers with its own line of heavy-duty clothing.

"It's been very busy with the cold weather, and rainy lately, good for business with rain gear," said Andrea Franzen, who co-founded Magna-Solutions with her cousin.

Roger Beaver of Williamsport works in the gas industry and deals with the cold all the time. He also shops at Magna-Solutions for his outdoor needs.

"I've been in 25 below zero, work all night in it. Wind cuts you in half, nice to have gear that keeps it from coming down middle of your back," said Beaver.

Business has been so good that Magna-Solutions is going international, looking to capitalize on the need for flame resistant gear for any type of extreme weather.

"We have 500 winter items in stock so if the weather continues this way, we'll be good," said Beaver.