Super Bowl: Food Frenzy

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JERMYN -- The Ravens and the 49ers do not face off until Sunday, but it is already game time at the Windsor Inn in Jermyn, home to the “World's Second Best Wings.”

They have been preparing for Super Bowl Sunday for quite a while.

"The prep actually starts like two months before when we start planning for New Year's. We pull our records for previous years, we start looking at New Year’s and Super Bowl. New Year’s is our second biggest day of the year. Super Bowl Sunday is by far the biggest day of the year," said Andrew Whitiak, Windsor Inn owner.

The coolers are filled with celery, wing sauce and wings. In all, the folks at the Windsor expect to sell between two and a half and three tons of wings on Sunday, their busiest day of the year.

Newswatch 16 found folks already stocking up for game day.

"We have to have wings, and in our case we cheat. My daughter has braces now, she can't chew the bones, so yes, we'll do the boneless, but no, you have to have wings for the Super Bowl," said Beth DeFrancesco of Moosic.

Pizza is another popular item on Super Bowl Sunday.

At Pizza Hut in Eynon, they are ready for the rush, prepared to make, box up, and deliver hundreds of pizzas for hungry fans.

"It's a big day, it's a really big day," said manager Nora Zazzera.

So while the players on the field Sunday may be working hard, so are the folks making food.

"I'm very tired, but I live for this time of the year. This is exciting for us," said Bob Hunt, of the Windsor Inn. He said he will wake up at 3 a.m. Sunday to start cooking.

Americans are expected to eat more than 1.25 billion wings on Sunday.

A word of warning: if you do plan to order food on Sunday, order early.