Max Lube Runs Several Green Initiatives to Help Environment

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TAYLOR -- At Max Lube in Taylor, the auto body shop does things a little differently.

All with the mind-set of running a greener facility and helping the environment one carton of oil at a time.

"So what I do in my business I'm able to contribute my small piece back to the environment, back to the people," said Max Peters, owner of Max Lube.

It starts with the way engine oil is stored and dispensed, using reusable containers, stacked on top of each other.

The containers that the oil comes in are also environmentally friendly.

"We're using these six gallon cardboard containers lined with plastic that drain completely. The plastic can then be thrown away as household garbage. The cardboard is then flattened and recycled," said Peters.

Peters doesn't stop there. The oil collected from customers' vehicles, is suctioned into a special furnace, used to heat the entire building.

"That's how we provide heat for the bays to the car wash, for the lube center itself, so that's all being recycled," said Peters.

Peters is also using tablets for day-to-day operations to cut back on paper products.

"It saves us from having to print out these colorful graphs, and we're saving on all that ink and paper," said Peters.

Peters is using many of the eco-friendly products and systems, as part of a green initiative run by Pennzoil. He calls it a win for his business, for his customers and for the environment.