Makeup Manufacturer Looking to Hire

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- Process Technologies and Packaging in Scott Township is responsible for making many of the makeup products women might have in their purse.

This business began with just five temporary employees and one conveyor belt. Now leaders at Process Technologies and Packaging are calling this cosmetics manufacturing plant near Waverly an American success story.

"We started the business with a couple of credit cards, and that was 19, almost 20 years ago," said Michael Godfrey, Process Technologies and Packaging CEO.

The makeup manufacturer is adding more than 150 new jobs after merging with two other companies, one from New York, and one from New Jersey, the ultimate mixture for success.

Mary Margavage of Duryea has worked there for 16 years, starting right on the assembly line. More than a decade later, she said she still enjoys her job and the stability that comes with it.

"We never slowed down because of the recession. Women still continue to buy their makeup. That`s the one thing they`re not gonna give up. They`ll give up their desert, but they`re not going to give up their makeup," said Mary Margavage of Duryea.

The company is projected to make $42 million in revenue in 2013.

The success of Process Technologies in Scott Township has many leaders hopeful it will bring more business to the Industrial Park.

"The park in my opinion has been a disappointment up until now, we`re seeing increased interest," said Scott Township Supervisor Ed Hlavaty.

The Industrial Park in Lackawanna County has 12 other lots for businesses to move in to and room for Process Technologies and Packaging to expand as well, something Scott Township leaders said can only help it down the road.

"It not only helps Scott Township, but it helps the local regional economy," said Mike Giannetta, a Scott Township Supervisor.

For those looking for work now, this cosmetics company is ready to hire.

Process Technologies said they are looking to hire for many different positions, including line operators, mechanics and customer service representatives.

You can apply at their facility in Scott Township or by visiting the company's website.