Three People Charged Following Bizarre Meth Lab Bust

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NANTICOKE – Authorities said three people were charged in connection to a suspected methamphetamine lab bust, and investigators are looking to question two other people.

Officers said they were called to a home on East Washington Street in Nanticoke on Tuesday evening for reports of multiple people stabbed inside, but officers found a suspected meth lab in the basement.

According to court documents, Linda Buckley lives inside the home and she was charged with conspiracy and possession of a controlled substance.

Nanticoke police later charged Jessie Kinney with criminal trespass and Dessie Kinney with criminal trespass, as well as simple assault with a deadly weapon.

People inside the home told investigators that the brothers came inside, started a fight and Dessie Kinney cut someone on the cheek.

According to court documents, the Kinneys told police that they did not have a knife and they only came to the house because they were looking for a family member.

Investigators said a fourth person in the investigation, Kelly Parks, was arrested on an unrelated warrant and will be questioned about the suspected meth-making operation.

Nanticoke Police Chief William Schultz told Newswatch 16 that a fifth person, James Piacente, is wanted for questioning and that he may have been stabbed during the incident.

Robert Dickshinski said he and his disabled wife were forced out of their homes when experts dismantled the lab, and he is relieved that the alleged operation was shut down.

"It caught us by surprise. I didn't have a chance to get everything together, just hurry up and get out,” said Dickshinski. "The seriousness of it, the fact that they talked about an explosion possibly. It’s a relief. It's a great neighborhood.”

Schultz said the home was condemned and that the probe into the alleged fight, stabbing and meth lab is still being investigated.