Roommate Went to Police to Help Friend

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JERSEY SHORE -- We heard firsthand from the man who turned in his roommate in Lycoming County for allegedly threatening to carry out a dangerous rampage.

Late last week, police took guns, ammo and bomb-making materials from an apartment in Jersey Shore. That was after a man came to the police station and claimed his roommate was making threats.

Matthew Bachman was led away from a magistrate's office in Jersey Shore still facing charges he made threats to blow up a gas station in the borough and then standoff with police at a nearby mall.

Last week, guns, shotgun shells and incomplete explosives were taken from the apartment where Bachman had been staying with a friend.

That friend, John Thompson, said he told police what he heard in hopes of preventing any possible disaster.

"I was concerned to the point I felt I wasn't in control of what was going on in my own apartment, I just wanted to seek my friend help," said Thompson.

Turns out Thompson is the owner of all those weapons, not Bachman, but Bachman did have access to them.

"It got to the point where I didn't know, I was afraid to go to work. He knew where they were at. He knew how to use them," said Thompson.

Bachman's attorney said he denies making any threats of any kind and also points to the fact he did not own any of the weapons.

Thompson, however, told police that Matthew Bachman came home with glass bottles and implied they were for Molotov cocktails to start a fire at gas pumps on Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore.

"Some people call it recycling, it was two bags of recycling bottles," said Mike Rudinski, Bachman's attorney.

After hearing Bachman make those alleged threats over and over again, Thompson said he had no choice but to go to police.

"I didn't want to end up on the news and front page in two counties. I wanted to get my buddy help, didn't want all this," said Thompson.

Matthew Bachman gave up his right to a hearing and his charges now go onto Lycoming County court.