Rob Crain SWB RailRiders President

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Meet 31-year-old Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRider President and General Manager Rob Crain. Crain comes to Northeast Pennsylvania from Omaha Nebraska. A name change from Royals to Storm Chasers increased attendance figures in 2011 for this PCL affiliate drawing nearly 425,000 fans to the new Werner Park. Rob is hoping the name change here can do the same.

"We're so excited about what 2013 embarks is about to have for us. It's going to be really incredible that this is going to be the community's team with all the different events we've been doing in the off-season and that's just going to keep going forward as we open the ballpark 65 days from Monday on April 4th a Thirsty Thursday-fireworks just a brand new experience with PNC Field and the RailRiders," said Rob Crain.

The IL North Division champions return here to PNC field in April with a new park-new surroundings and many new players, but the coaching staff returns along with manager Dave Miley.

With Miley coming back and the whole staff coming back is really great since we've changed are affiliation to the Yankees in 2007. We've made the playoffs five out of six years and they made the playoffs last year when they didn't even play a home game," again said Rob.

Rob is excited for the change especially for the fan that loves baseball.

"I always say we tore down are old stadium and we're building a brand new ballpark. You'll see everything from the bullpens being accessible for the fans, and fans can see them, the players are going to have extended dugouts that will be on extended 30 feet on both sides, and then people will be able to walk around 360 degrees all around the ballpark so they can catch the game at all kind of different angles. Now you'll be able to sit in the outfield and when we hit a home run you'll be able to catch that in the outfield whether your on the lawn seats or in the bar or our picnic area. It's just going to be an incredible experience for the baseball lover in the area," added Rob.