Reported Meth Lab Found in Nanticoke Home

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NANTICOKE -- Police in Nanticoke believe they found a working drug-making lab inside a house after officers were called there for a stabbing.

The victims fled before officers arrived, however police say they do have some people in custody, including the homeowner.

Police officers swarmed a house on East Washington Street in Nanticoke after a meth lab was reportedly found inside.

Investigators say officers were called to the house for the report of a stabbing inside. Once at the home, they say they found a lab for making drugs in the basement.

“Suspects fled, victims fled, checked the house, we went inside to look for people and discovered a working meth lab downstairs, what we believe to be a working meth lab at this location,” said Nanticoke Police Chief William Schultz.

Police say the homeowner told them two men broke into her house and began attacking people inside. However police say they have her in custody, as both a potential victim of a home invasion and a possible suspect for the alleged meth lab.

This address is where a lot of homeless individuals hang out and this home is owned by a person named Linda Buckley,” said Chief Schultz. “She has allowed numerous people to stay there at her location and we’ve had quite a lot of problems here in the past, especially with alcohol and drugs-related problems.”

Police removed residents from about a half dozen homes on the block and say once it’s safe, they will allow people to return.

“Because of the chemicals involved in the manufacturing they’re potential for an explosion, a fire,” said John Soprano, with the Narcotics Division at the state Attorney General’s office.

Nanticoke police say they’ve alerted area hospital to contact them if they take in any stabbing victims.