Local Lottery Dealer Sparks Winners

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FORTY FORT -- A convenience store in Luzerne County is a pretty popular place these days for lottery tickets. That's because two winning Cash Five tickets have been sold at the place in the last three weeks: one, for $1 million, another, worth $700,000.

Shoppers buying lottery tickets at the Turkey Hill in Forty Fort are hoping good things come in threes.

A flashing sign shows this place sold a winning Cash Five ticket for $700,000 last week. That come after someone bought a $1 million Cash Five winner earlier in the month.

Diana Paluck is among the many dreaming of being next.

"That's amazing, it's a lucky store," she said. "Hopefully this is the third winning ticket!!"

Regulars at the store are amazed hearing about two big wins in only three weeks. But they're not surprised this place is lucky.

"Fantabulous place," said George Audi of Swoyersville. "They're very friendly people and they wish you luck all the time; and you get luck too.  It's worth coming here all the time."

We told Justin Jasterzenski about the winning ways here and he bought in to the lucky lore.

"I've got to do it, I guess," he said. "I come in here every day, sometimes three times a day."

Now many who shop by are wondering if they know who won the first two jackpots. Those winners haven't come forward.

Some,  like David Calabrese are buying new tickets and checking old ones to see if it's them.

"I thought to myself to go back and check them but I always check them the next day," Calabrese said. "It wasn't me."

But any ticket could be next.  As shoppers at this Turkey Hill hope it's good for a lucky number three.