Fire Rips Shamokin Building, Third Blaze In A Week

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SHAMOKIN -- Police in Northumberland County say they are following several leads after a recent string of fires in Shamokin.

Authorities say the latest fire started in the basement of a vacant building on Sunbury Street around 10:30 p.m. Monday.

Shamokin police want their residents to know they're following several leads.

While investigators said they can't release the exact cause of the fire because they're still piecing a few more things together, officers are pretty confident they're getting closer.

The latest blaze broke out in the 600 block of Sunbury Street in Shamokin. It marks the third fire in this Northumberland County community in one week and the fifth blaze at a vacant building since September.

Although fire investigators haven't yet said if the building was torched, they do say they're getting close to nailing it all down.

Neighbors say dealing with several unsolved fires is making it a little difficult to get a good night's sleep.  

"It’s scary. You don’t know if it is arson. You don’t know if your house is going to be next,” said Sasha Reigle. 

"We saw a lot of flames, really high. It was very high. it scares us, because it’s too close to our homes. That’s what we’re afraid of,” said Richard Kramer.

No one has been arrested. The only thing officers are saying this morning about the cause of the latest blaze is that it's under investigation.   

Investigators also have not yet said if the five fires since September are connected.