Aluminum Boat Docks, Copper Wires Stolen From Moon Lake Park

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP – State troopers are trying to track down thieves that broke into locked storage buildings and stole copper wiring, as well as eight aluminum boat docks, from a Luzerne County-owned park.

Authorities believe the thefts happened sometime between January 15 and January 23 at Moon Lake Park near Hunlock Creek.

Karen Laver said she loves walking her dogs on the paths in and around Moon Lake Park but she says the recreational spot has been a tempting target for thieves and vandals for years.

"It saddens me that we've come to this point that we have to lock and hide everything. It doesn't surprise me, it is a rural location,” said Laver.

Trooper Tom Kelly told Newswatch 16 that investigators are still waiting for a list from Luzerne County of the items stolen from the storage buildings and he believes that the boat docks may have already been cut into several pieces.

“We've investigated thefts before and made arrests, so hopefully we get information out there,” said Kelly. “Items like the boat docks, we'll ask scrapyards. If somebody turns in a boat dock or parts of a boat dock, give the police a call."

Robert Makaravage sells boat docks similar to the ones that were stolen at R.J. Marine Sales in Wilkes-Barre and said he’s not surprised to hear that thieves took boat docks locked up in storage for winter.

"Aluminum is quite expensive today. A section like this here would run between $600 and $800,” said Makaravage. “It's portable; it's easy to carry off."

Anyone with information about the thefts at Moon Lake Park is urged to call state police at the Wyoming barracks at 570-697-2000.


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