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Forest City Travels in a Wintry Mix

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FOREST CITY --The roads were a slushy mess in Susquehanna County, but that didn't stop people from going about their daily routines.

Newswatch 16 traveled to Forest City to see how people were handling the wintry mix.

Snow covered the grass, but it was sleet and freezing rain that covered the roads, making for tricky travel.

"I'd rather the snow, you know that way you're not getting in as many accidents, with the ice, you know that way you're not slipping all over the place. I'd rather the snow," said bread deliverer Patrick Ruddy.

Rich Hayes, manager of Zazzera's Super Market says the sleet and ice aren't so great for his business.

"I'd like to see more snow. More traction for the vehicles and even when it's not so slick out people are coming in and doing their grocery shopping. Now it's like you know. We went from busy to slow," said manager Rich Hayes.

But this messy wintry mix didn't stop Rochester native Susan Bergmann from getting her lunch.

"I gotta go to Zazzera's, gotta get something for lunch," said Susan Bergmann of Uniondale.

"I'm used to this weather, everybody works, everybody gets around," Bergmann added.

After talking with many people from around the area they have all come to the same conclusion, they would rather the snow than this sleet and ice. But some say they just cant wait for summer.

"Favorite season? Summer by far. Only a couple more months away, that's it," said Patrick Ruddy.

Luckily for Patrick and those who like temperatures on the mild side, we have a warm up on the way that should last for a couple of days.