Fire Levels Home, Forces Families Out

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KULPMONT -- There wasn't much firefighters in Kulpmont could do to save the double-block home on Route 61.

Officials say when they got here around five in the morning, flames were burning from the first floor to the roof.

"The fire was starting to spread into the adjacent two homes," said Kulpmont Fire Chief Ray Siko ."As I said, we had a collapse early on in the fire which brought it to the ground, we then redirected our efforts to saving the exposures that were attached."

According to the fire chief, a man who lived here suffered burns to his hands. And was taken to the hospital. Everyone else made it out safely.

"It was a very bad fire. I was hoping and praying, glad everyone got out OK," said Fern Vanderbeck.

The fire was so intense and so hot that it ended up melting the siding on this former dentist's office across the street. One home is gone, a second severely damaged, and a third homeowner is counting his blessings.

"The fire didn't make it to us, I don't know once I get in there what kind of damage we'll have," said David Dallabrida.

Dave Dallabrida credits the siding on his home with preventing the fire from spreading.

Flames did, however, spread to the double-block home on the other side. Causing serious damage.

"It's horrible, yes, it's really bad," Dallabrida added.

Officials will now look for what caused the fire.