Boy Scouts to Discuss Lifting Ban on Gays

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The Boy Scouts of America announced today it is considering ending its ban on gay members and leaders. That means there would no longer be a national policy allowing openly gay scouts and leaders.

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest organizations in the United States, with more than two million members. Soon, membership could grow even more. Boy Scouts of America announced it is considering ending the national policy that does not allow openly gay members and leaders.

"I think it's a discriminatory practice to shut them out," Robert Baker said.

Robert Baker is an Eagle Scout who lives in Bloomsburg. He is against the policy, and hopes all boys can have the same opportunities he did with boy scouts.

"I think that any male who wishes to pursue scouting should be allowed to," Baker said.

"I think they should let them. People are people, I don't see a problem with it," Brad Haas said.

Just last year the national organization considered lifting the ban, but decided against it in July. The Boy Scouts of America saying the ban was the best policy for the organization.

But since then, the boy scouts have lost several big corporate sponsors. A spokesperson for the Boy Scouts of America now says if it does end the national discrimination policy, decisions on whether to allow gay members and leaders would be up to the individual troops.

"My mom is gay, my aunt is gay, my uncle is gay. Absolutely. Why not, there is nothing bad about them, they are regular people like us," Brad Lutz said.

"Sure, why not? I think everybody should have the opportunity to do what they want, regardless of their beliefs," Wally Karl said.

No one we spoke with today said they were against allowing openly gay members and leaders into Boy Scouts of America. The organization says it will discuss the policy at its board meeting next week.