New Candidate in Race for Scranton Mayor

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SCRANTON -- About two days after Democratic candidate for Scranton Mayor Liz Randol tossed her hat in the ring, another hopeful announced his candidacy at a rally in Scranton Sunday night.

Scranton native and Democrat Bill Courtright put his name on the ballot to become the city's next mayor.

Courtright said he is committed to making the necessary changes Scranton needs. He said Scranton has always been his home, and he plans to bring it back to what it once was.

"I've been here my entire life. People always ask me 'why do you want to be mayor of Scranton?' I've lived here my whole life. I love this city. I'm not leaving. I'm going to stay. I'm going to restore some of the luster that we once had to the vibrant city," said Courtright.

Courtright credits his municipal experience. He served six years on Scranton City Council, and is currently the city's tax collector. He said he knows what needs to be done.

"I've had great success in the single tax office. The first year I was there we collected $5 million more than the previous year," said Courtright.

He said one of the biggest issues the past administration was working with city council. Courtright promises to get past the differences to get things done.

"I'll present my case to them. If it's something they're not interested in, they don't like it, I'll ask them what they'd like me to do. We need to work together," added Courtright.

Marcel Lisi, 24, also announced he will run for mayor on the Republican ticket.