Tips For Winter Getaways

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Whether you’re looking to beat the winter blues by taking a trip to a warmer climate or just enjoy a change of scenery such as New York City, the following are tips from Travelocity to help you get the most bang for your buck:

  • Book airfare as early as possible.  Despite rumors, you normally do not save big at the last minute. Travel experts say most airlines raise rates closer to travel dates due to limited seat availability. 
  • Consider bundling air and hotel fees together.  With some agencies, that could help you save up 35%. 
  • Make sure your passports are up to date and current.  Your passport should be valid through six months up to your return date.  
  • If you’re not flying, consider using your mobile device to book a last minute hotel room.  Various apps provide discounts ranging from ten to 30% off.  
  • Use sources such as Trip Advisor for hotel and restaurant reviews.  The site is personal travel reviews completed by regular people, not by a company. 
  • Wherever you are staying, call your hotel ahead of time to make sure the place is fully up and running.  For example, if the pool is closed for maintenance, ask about discounts on your room, etc.  
  • Travel with a credit card and use them at hotels because they will most likely hold a certain amount of your money for incidentals.  Debit cards can sometimes limit your ability to spend since banks can freeze your cards if they’re used in places you normally don’t go.