New Hospital in Susquehanna County Near Completion

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MONTROSE -- A new hospital in Susquehanna County is nearing completion.

Officials broke ground for the new Endless Mountains Health Systems complex one year ago.

Several people gathered at the site in Montrose to celebrate the progress.

Workers continue to drill and build at the new Endless Mountains Health Systems complex.

The facility will have 25 rooms, a new emergency room, an outpatient facility, an intensive care unit, and more.

People who live in the area said the new hospital is just what Montrose needs.

"This is going to be monumental, it's the biggest project our County has ever seen, it's sorely needed, the county is growing," said Ruth Wilmarth of Brooklyn.

During a ceremony to mark the one-year anniversary of the groundbreaking, hospital workers spoke out.

One nurse said the current hospital is in bad shape. She said the 55-year-old building has a leaky roof. When it rains, buckets need to be set out to catch all the water.

Another worker agrees.

"It doesn't meet everything that the community needs at this time and this facility is brand new and modern facility," said Lou Jagel, a hospital worker.

The $45 million project was made possible by several organizations in the area and several local state and federal grants.

The community also raised more than a million dollars through bake sales and cook offs.

Cabot Oil and Gas then donated another million dollars.

"In four months, the community overall came together with $4.4 million and to see that money raised, and now to see it put to work, it's actually wonderful," said George Stark of Cabot Oil and Gas.

Doctors said the most important aspect of the facility is by far the health care, workers will have access to the most up to date equipment, giving patients the best care available.

"It will really improve the ability of patients to access emergency care and their everyday maintenance care. There will be more physicians. There will be more quality helpers. There will be better equipment," said Dr. Joseph Speicher of Endless Mountains Health Systems.

The new hospital in Montrose should be complete by September.