Energy Efficient Space Heaters

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The low temperatures this week have forced many of us to turn up the heat or find other ways to keep warm.

But which space heaters are the most energy-efficient, and which ones are the safest?

We've got the answers.

With temperatures hitting some record-breaking lows this week, lots of folks headed to the Home Depot in Dickson City to stock up on some extra sources of heat.

One man grabbed an energy-efficient space heater off the shelf, to help keep him warm, but he's also trying to offset the costs of his home heating bill.

"Oh the electric bill, come on, we're trying to save money, but we're trying to stay warm too, with the economical but energy-efficient," said Earl Atkins of Lake Wallenpaupack.

Other folks shopping through the store said they've already made some energy-efficient changes to their home.

With single digit temperatures in the forecast all week, they need an extra blast of heat.

"Now we're just looking to heat the garage area and to keep the rest of the house nice and warm because it's nine degrees outside! Warm is good," said Donald Boughton of Clarks Summit.

Workers at Home Depot said, there are a wide range of heaters to choose from.

"We have pellet stoves, we have electric heaters, and we have propane natural gas wall heaters," said John Ward, Home Depot Manager.

Ward said of all the heating systems that are out there, the propane wall heater is the most energy-efficient, cutting down on costs and saving on energy.

"We were spending up to $1,200 a month in the winter just for electric baseboard and now we're using propane, and it can run from $156 - $256 a month, the savings are excellent," said Ronald Boughton of Clarks Summit.

People can also add a carbon monoxide detector with any heating system.