Lewisburg Community Ice Rink Open For Business

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LEWISBURG -- The wintry weather is actually a welcome arrival for some folks out in Lewisburg. Thanks to the freezing temperatures, the Lewisburg community ice rink officially opened Thursday evening.

The first skaters took to the ice in Lewisburg, making it official.

“I’ve always loved ice skating. I know a few years back I took lessons,” said Cassandra Choplick of Lewisburg.

Opening night drew out a healthy handful of happy skaters, who not only braved the frigid temperatures, but welcomed the chill with open arms.

The rink is run by the Lewisburg Area Recreation Authority, or LARA, and both the authority and skaters say they’ve been waiting for this cold snap.

“It’s really great,” said Elizabeth Stuelke of Lewisburg. “We’ve been waiting. We thought it was going to be cold and then it wasn’t and then now finally, deep freeze, we’re ready.”

“I just like skating and it’s really fun. The cold doesn’t bother me,” said 8-year old John Fisher of Lewisburg.

Members of the recreation authority say last winter’s temperatures were just too warm to get the rink up and running. They’re glad it’s back this year, since money raised at the rink not only helps operate the rink, but other programs run by the authority.

And if it gets too cold out on the ice, simply step inside and warm up.

“We have the fire that’s in there and it’s burning right now so you’re able to go ahead and heat up around the fire,” said Yorelis Trotter with LARA. “We also have some S’more’s so there’s definitely incentive to keep warm by the fire.”

Many skaters know to come prepared.

“I’ve got a least three layers on or more to keep me warm,” said Camden Choplick of Milton.

Freezing conditions and all, everyone here is happy to be skating again.

“This is amazing to have this here in our community and available to us,” said Cassandra Choplick. “I know a lot of other communities don’t have that.”
If temperatures cooperate, the ice rink is expected to be open from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weeknights and 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends.