Wilkes University on Alert After Student Reportedly Robbed

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police said three people are in custody for reportedly committing multiple armed robberies in Wilkes-Barre.

The arrest comes as Wilkes University officials said one of their students was held up Tuesday night.

A city spokesperson said it’s too early to say which robberies these individuals committed.

The university has put its students on alert and many students said they are concerned.

As students made their way around campus at Wilkes University Wednesday afternoon, they are aware of the recent crime reportedly committed against a student the night before.

University officials said a student was allegedly held up near Waller Hall, a dormitory, during an armed robbery around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Students received an emergency text alert on their cell phones shortly after.

“It said that there is a robbery, a student robbed and assaulted on West River Street and more info is available on the portal,” said Eric Danko, a senior at Wilkes University.

“We just got a text message that someone was robbed and assaulted. It does concern me,” said Sultan Alharmoozi, a freshman student.

The university also posted flyers around campus, detailing the incident, where the student said the suspects pulled up in a white four-door sedan on West River Street when the robbery occurred.

School officials said the student refused medical treatment.

“I mean, I live right off West River so it is kind of scary when I hear about that,” said Shanna Hess, a junior.

The university said it was told by investigators that a similar car was seen at another armed robbery on Old River Road near the university.

Now Wilkes-Barre Police said two juveniles and one adult are in custody, believed to be responsible for multiple robberies in the city.

However, a city spokesperson said it’s too early to say if they committed the ones from Tuesday night.

Many students said they are glad the university was quick to warn them, and they do take precautions living in the city.

“I think the school does a good job of keeping crime off the campus. Sometimes you can think of it as a rougher area, but it’s really not that bad,” said Danko.

“I usually don’t like to walk back from class when it’s dark. When I know I have to go back from class when it’s dark, I’ll drive because I live down by Academy Street so it’s a little sketchy down there, so like, walk with friends or something,” said Hess.

Police said the three suspects are facing charges of having stolen property.

They expect charges to be filed in the next few days.