Icy Cold Grips Region

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We are in the middle of the coldest temperatures of the season.

Across our area, extending well into New England and the Midwest, the mercury has settled in the single digits and lower.

A bank thermometer along Commerce Boulevard in Dickson City read one degree around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

The streets of Scranton were quiet this morning, the cold keeping everyone inside.

The wind was not blowing very hard, but even a light breeze can be felt through several layers

Snö Mountain in Scranton is taking advantage of the low temperatures, making plenty of snow for those willing to brave the cold to hit the slopes.

The northwestern corner of the state is experiencing a white-out. Erie has been pounded by lake effect snow this week. Plow services have been working around the clock to keep roads clear.

The snow is expected to continue there through the rest of the week, with temps topping out at 19 degrees.

This deep freeze can have a huge impact on your car. Workers at Kost Tire in Williamsport remind everyone to make sure your engine fluids are at the right levels and your battery is in good shape. They said the most common cold weather problem is tire pressure. Workers said they put air in the tires of about 40 cars per week when the mercury dips like this.

Dozens of area schools have delayed the start of classes this morning.