Ice Fishers Excited for Cold Weather

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GAMBLE TOWNSHIP -- This cold weather is being welcomed by some people who enjoy winter sports, including ice fishing.

Temperatures in the single digits forced many people to stay inside this week, but not everyone! Blair and Robert Eckard spent the day outside ice fishing at Rose Valley Lake in Lycoming County.

"Seeing if we can get some fish, bring them home and put them in the smoker. Have something to eat for the winter," said Blair.

The Eckard brothers have gone ice fishing since they were kids. They enjoy this bitter cold weather, and look forward to it every year.

The Eckards said this is actually the first time all year it's been cold enough to go ice fishing, and this is the perfect weather to go out on the lake.

"The colder the better. It's kinda nice to get out of the house in the winter months like this. It's nice to get fresh air," said Robert.

"Last year we didn't get out at all. We're real excited to get out this year to do it," said Blair.

The brothers said there are about six inches of ice covering Rose Valley Lake. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission said that is a safe amount. The Eckards said they planned to ice fish for about six hours, and they came prepared.

"You just gotta definitely wear bibs. Bibs and gloves, hats, face masks and sunglasses. You can get snow blinded out here from the ice," said Robert.

If you decide to brave the cold weather and go ice fishing, the Fish and Boat Commission recommends checking the thickness of the ice, wearing ice picks and carrying rope.