Fans React to Williamsport Outlaws Folding

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WILLIAMSPORT-- People will no longer be able to watch outdoor hockey at Historic Bowman Field in Williamsport. Officials with the Federal Hockey League announced the Williamsport Outlaws have folded.

Hockey fans in Williamsport were disappointed when they found out they no longer have a hometown team. The Williamsport Outlaws played their first home game at Bowman Field in October. Their last home game of the season was supposed to be Tuesday. Instead, hockey officials announced the team had folded.

The stands were quiet at Historic Bowman Field. Perfect weather for a hockey game, but there will be no hockey played here in Williamsport.

"Disappointing that Williamsport gets something like that and then have it not work out. It's very disappointing," Ken Mitstifer said.

A spokesperson for the Williamsport Outlaws announced the hockey team had folded less than three months after its first game in Williamsport.

Williamsport officials announced plans for the team in July. The team played its first home game in late October. Word that the team had folded is disappointing news for hockey fans. Ken Mitstifer went to four Outlaws games this season.

"It was fun. It seemed like it was a good turnout every time. It was a good time," Mitstifer said.

Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana said the city is owed around $30,000 for utility bills. Campana said he has no reason to believe the team will not pay.

The mayor said all but two or three of the home games were played outside at Historic Bowman Field. He said the stands were pretty full for each game.

Newswatch 16 talked to some of the fans who say they're disappointed the team is finished.

"There's not much here to do, especially in the winter. They finally bring something fun in and it's gone already," Nikki Murray said.

"Every time I went there it was a full house. There was always a good turnout there. I definitely didn't see it coming," Mitstifer said.

So far, there's been no official statement from either the Federal Hockey League or the Williamsport Outlaws as to why they team folded.

The mayor of Williamsport said there are preliminary plans for an indoor ice rink in the city, and that he would support a hockey team playing at that arena.