Volunteering to Help Homeless Shelters Hit by Sandy

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FACTORYVILLE -- Many people spent their Martin Luther King Junior day doing some volunteer work that will benefit homeless shelters affected by hurricane Sandy.

Students of Keystone College and people from the community came together on Martin Luther King Jr. day for one purpose.

"We are making sleeping bags for the homeless. They will be distributed to shelters that were affected by the Sandy hurricane victims," said Lucas Taylor, Assistant Director of Student Activities.

The students in Lackawanna County assembled the sleeping bags from scratch, using recycled fabrics and other supplies that were paid for with a government grant for "The Sleeping Bag Project."

The My Brother's Keeper Quilt Group, based in hop bottom, was also a part of the project. All those who helped out saw this as a day of service.

"It feels really good you know. Just knowing that I'm helping, all of us are helping. Trying to make them feel better. Makes me feel good and other people feel good about themselves," said Keystone College freshman Devon Livingston.

Fifth grader Talia Herreia of Scranton used her day off from school to help her grandmother sew the sleeping bags together.

"It makes me feel like I can help people, and start to keep doing it with the new generation of kids, when they're all gone. And we can start helping them more," said Charles Sumner 5th grader, Talia Herreia.

Last years students from Keystone College made at least 5 of these sleeping bags, but this year with the help from a grant and more community members, they're hoping to make at least 25.

"This year we have already about 50 participants, community and students of Keystone College. Last year we had about 15 maybe, so it's a nice big surprise for us here," Taylor added.

The sleeping bags will be delivered this week to homeless shelters that were affected by hurricane Sandy.