Remembering David Naydock

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POTTSVILLE -- The buildings and walls of Pottsville were the canvas for artist David Naydock.

From this beer distributor along busy Route 61, to a wall outside the Schuylkill Medical Center.

Another wall is near the Pottsville Area High School. Naydock transformed dozens of simple structures in Schuylkill County into elaborate works of art.

"We're going to cherish this we're going to do our best to keep this preserved.  It's amazing.  I'm very proud to have this on the side of our building," said Lisa Hozella, of Brewers' Outlet.

The manager and staff at Brewers' Outlet along 61 now look a little differently at the mural Naydock painted on their wall two decades ago. They were shocked to learn of his death.

"Everybody knew him.  It's hard to believe.  It's kind of devastating when you open the paper and you see this," said Vince Croll, of Brewers' Outlet.

Newswatch 16 captured Naydock at work several times over the years but after all those years of painting, Naydock's brushes have been set aside.

"David was a good friend.  I've known him for over 30 years.  He was one of Schuylkill County's and Pottsville's greatest treasures," said Magisterial District Judge James Reiley.

A Naydock mural covers an entire wall at District Justice Reiley's office. Each painting got a special touch.

"There was a man who always walked his dog David wanted to make sure he got that in.  He referred to this as a Lithuanian name for a car and many other things people from Pottsville would get a kick out of," said Judge Reiley.

It's really hard to go anywhere in Pottsville without running into one of Naydock's murals.  He may be gone now but his memory certainly lives on in this town.

"It's neat to be an artist and live on like that," said Scott Greis, owner of Heaven and Earth Salon and Spa.

Almost every wall at the salon and spa is marked by Naydock's creativity, and will serve as a constant reminder to Greis. Just one of many paintings now turned memorials in the Pottsville area.

"I'll look at every part of this now and always think of him. That's pretty cool," said Greis.