Cold Temperatures Mean Happy Skiers

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TANNERSVILLE -- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is also an important day for resorts in the Poconos.  Traditionally, it's one of the busiest days of the ski season.

Ski resorts in the Poconos, like Camelback Mountain Resort near Tannersville, show that as it is covered with skiers and snowboarders.

If you ask Georgina Comrie, she'll tell you the cold temperatures are a blessing.

"It's great. Last year was not a good year for local skiing. So we didn't come at all. But it's great that we can come spend a day getting on the slopes," said Comrie.

The cold temperatures are also a great relief for crews at Camelback Mountain Resort because it means more snow for the slopes.

"What it allows for us is to get 100 percent open with every trail. Also what it does is, once we get the depth on the trails, we can now begin to make for conditions," said Joe Amato, a ski instructor at Camelback Mountain Resort.

The conditions he's talking about are the inches of fresh snow on the trails.

Speaking of trails, by the end of the week, Camelback will be 100 percent in operation as they open the final three trails on the mountain.

Making snow is just one way Camelback is taking advantage of the coldest temperatures this ski season so far.

Another advantage to the cold temperatures is the record number of people taking ski lessons.  

On Sunday, 240 people strapped on skis for the very first time.

"Me and Hannah had a lesson together and we practiced lots of things," said Lara Comrie of New Jersey.

Comrie and Hannah Gallin are two of the newest skiers to Camelback.

"At first it's kinda hard, but then once you get more used to it, then it's better," said Comrie.

"I love skiing, so it was a lot of fun," said Gallin.

And by the looks of it, if mother nature is right, temperatures will be perfect for skiers, new and old, all week long.