Jack Frost Mountain Attracts Thousands

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KIDDER TOWNSHIP -- Thousands of people braved the windy weather to hit the slopes this weekend.

Business was booming at Jack Frost Mountain in the Poconos. Workers there expect many more skiers to follow after the holiday weekend is through.

The rush of the ride and the thrill of speed is why thousands of people are hitting the slopes this weekend at Jack Frost Big Boulder in the Poconos.

Many of them, including several kids we spoke with hopped in some tubes and went down the hills over and over again. They said they just can't get enough!

"It's fast, it makes you go faster, the wind," said Emma Hart Yatesville.

"It's really fun. I love coming down, it's just really fast. I love it!" said Jillian Lynn of Jenkins Township.

"It's fun. I'm just excited to go down these hills," said Matthew McGregor of Florida.

The McGregors made the trip from Clearwater, Florida. They said they're excited to be here. It's been a long time coming.

"He's doing good. He didn't get it at first, but he's got it now," said Robert McGregor of Florida.

For the Shapiro's, hitting Jack Frost is something the family does every weekend.

This weekend is extra special because they'll be able to stay longer.

"We do, the kids are very excited that we get to stay over another night. Normally we're only here until Sunday, now we're here until Monday because of a holiday," said Cari Shapiro of New Jersey.

Officials at Jack Frost said this is one of their busiest weekends other than Christmas time.

They said they only expect it to get better.

"Yesterday, just at Jack Frost we probably did close to 4,500, and then we have big boulder, our sister mountain did close to 4,000, so one day close to 10,000 people, not bad," said Heather Schiffbauer of Jack Frost Mountain.

Jack Frost officials said this week's frigid temperatures will make for perfect conditions on the slopes, and all runs are open for business.